Bucharest car rental Company – blog 


    The rent a car industry is a wide one in Romania. The best car rental company is not easy to find. There are tens of companies working in this industry in Bucharest. We want to help customers make informed decisions when they look to hire a car. Therefore, we created a blog with valuable content. Our team shares on the blog details about the process of renting vehicles. 

    The growth of Bucharest car rental

    When we launched this company ( Five rent a car Bucuresti ) was little demand for car rentals in Romania. Over the years we experienced growth and we noticed that the Bucharest car rental industry got bigger and popular. The car fleet got larger and the number of clients got bigger. To be among the best car rental companies of the city requires hard work. 

    Bucharest cars for rent – What are people looking for?

    First of all, clients look for safety, good prices and comfort. Our mission is to help people enjoy their trips without feeling pressure about the vehicle. The cars are fully equipped and frequently taken for a technical inspection. We offer great prices, and reliable cars.

    Certainly, we could not do this type of work without feeling passionate about vehicles in general. Our fleet has a wide variety of vehicles. We offer low-cost cars, SUVs or luxury cars. Similarly, we offer minibuses or vehicles for transporting merchandise. People can choose their favorite model and enjoy a wonderful car ride. 

    We hope you will join the growing community of Bucharest car rental clients.

    Director Web CYLEX